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[fic] Bindings [Dec. 13th, 2012|09:18 am]
Kingdom Hearts Fanfiction



Title:   Bindings
Pairing:  Axel/Roxas

Warnings:  historical inaccuracies, Vikings, blood, violence, Roxas’ fist, sexual situations
Rating:  R

Word count: about 5k :)
A/N:  I’ve been waffling with this sequel since the first story was finished, but I finally got my butt in gear and finished it. This one is for theplumtomato. Also, if you haven’t read Barriers this won’t really make much sense so read that first, then come back to this one.

Disclaimer:  I don’t claim anything regarding history here is the absolute truth. I also don’t own these boys, or else the canon would be rather different.

Summary: Roxas and Axel look to the future and the possibility of freedom.

Barriers is over here

In his dreams, Roxas is back home; he is far away, guiding his family’s goats across the rolling hills of his homeland. Everything is bright – the skies are the purest blue, decorated majestically with fluffy white clouds, and the grass beneath his feet is soft and very green. He can even feel the blades between his bare toes. Despite this beauty there is a chill in the air, one that marks the coming darkness. Then the sky turns bleak and red, and the sounds of screams rip through the air; and Roxas stands frozen, alone in the hills as he watches the slaughter taking place below.

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