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The Hearts of Azeroth (KH/Warcraft crossover) (Chapters One through Six) [Dec. 18th, 2012|02:02 pm]
Kingdom Hearts Fanfiction


Title: The Hearts of Azeroth

Writer: Animus Origo

Fandoms: Warcraft and Kingdom Hearts.

Summary: A
World of Warcraft and Kingdom Hearts crossover. Sora and Riku are sent
as ambassadors to a world that presents unique threats along with an old
enemy. The start is set intersecting at the very beginning of Wrath of
the Lich King, and the epilogue of Kingdom Hearts II. This is my first
fan fiction I've felt comfortable enough to post. Please give some
advice, if there needs any.

Rating: Mostly Teen.

Warnings: A tiny instance of guts in Chapter Four. Zombie slaying.

Pairings: What pairings?

Author's Note:
This is a weird ass crossover, I know. But please give it a read, and
maybe a review! I really like this concept, and hopefully you guys will
get to see where I'm taking this.

Chapter One: http://animusorigo.livejournal.com/519.html

Chapter Two: http://animusorigo.livejournal.com/890.html

Chapter Three: http://animusorigo.livejournal.com/1062.html

Chapter Four: http://animusorigo.livejournal.com/1479.html

Chapter Five: http://animusorigo.livejournal.com/1753.html

Chapter Six: http://animusorigo.livejournal.com/1998.html