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Domino [1/?] [Jun. 12th, 2013|09:02 pm]
Kingdom Hearts Fanfiction



Title: Domino

Pairing: Axel/f!Roxas

Warnings: genderswap, piercings and blood, language, epic snark, Axel being a dick, sex, slightly kinky sex

Rating: R/NC-17

Word Count: 3k

Beta: alovelysilence

A/N: written with the lovely Pia/rotersternxx/letsfuckitupboys. Started out as a roleplay, and as we approached 100,000 words we figured why the hell not post it.

Disclaimer: We don’t own Kingdom Hearts (or else KH3 would have been out by now), but we do get a kick out of writing for the fandom.

Summary: This is the story of a boy and a girl, who by all rights would never have met if the boy hadn’t had a spontaneous desire to get a piercing at stupid o’clock on a Saturday morning. This is a story about falling in love and the mistakes that we make during the fall – about the boy you drenched in beer and the girl you never saw coming.

Chapter Summary: The victim: Axel. The culprit: Roxas in the parlor with the piercing needles.

"Say, I know kids making fun of you because your voice didn't break yet sure /sucks/, but skipping school to hang at a piercing studio’s not really bright, is it?"